Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Workday

Check out that coffee mug! Next time someone tries to make a problem yours, just say, "Not my circus." But of course if you start saying that, the next time something is your problem, you are obligated to admit, "Yeah, those are my monkeys." Try it some time this week. It's sure to be an office hit and not at all awkward.

I love white sweaters, and this one is just my style: loads of chunky texture, lovely color, and 3/4 length sleeves. Trying to match tops with patterned skirts can be tricky without just throwing on a white or black super-plain top and calling it a boring day. The texture of the sweater makes it its own statement piece, but it still goes nicely. And you can't go wrong with leather.

In case you are squirming about the shoes, the "no white shoes after labor day" rule was thrown out the window by the fashion world eons ago, so just do it. Don't be scared! This creamy color is definitely a safe bet. I learned this while working retail one holiday season (David Sedaris explains working in retail during the holidays better than I ever could). The holiday collection included "Winter White" pants and skirts. I bought a pair of the gorgeous lined wool pants, and predictably completely ruined them with gravy and red wine during all of the Thanksgiving-Christmas-birthday-New Year's festivities, but they were still worth every penny.

Monday Workday

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