Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bird Sweater

So I'm not quite as non-functioning from this nasty cold as yesterday (as I reach for my 87th tissue of the day), so I've taken off the jammies, brushed my teeth, and put on some big girl clothes.

I love the cream/tan family mixed with denim. The colors look soft, warm, inviting. The wool hat along with those suede boots make me think about hanging at a coffee shop with a girlfriend for hours while we avoid the drizzle outside. You know, one of those awesome coffee shops with ancient leather sofas, a fire place, and a few well-worn copies of the New York Times. Where hipster students, aging intellectuals, and bums like me and my bestie get cozy together with our gargantuan cappuccinos.

Bird Sweater

Do you love these boots as much as I do? Would you wear a sweater with giant birds on a branch across your chest? Why do they call sweaters "jumpers" in GB?

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