Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stay warm

I've been eyeing this adorable dress for a while, but those black cuffs kept stumping me. The warmth of the dress' color and shape kept calling for tan leather, but it would just clash like hell with those sleeves. So I started trying everything in black, but it was too dark for the sweetness of it. So, gray it is. The black outerwear complemented the all-grayness I nearly went with, which I like better. And the random summery-green nail polish? I'll explain tomorrow.

Stay warm

The closest thing to this look that I've got in my closet is a burgundy tank top that I could wear with a gray cardigan and black pants...snore.

How would you deal with the black cuffs on the dress? Ignore them and go with the tan leather boots? Skip the gray, and stick with black? Maybe just say "screw it" and wear orange pumps (kidding).

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