Saturday, January 25, 2014

Red Coat

Here is my entry in the Polyvore Fab in February: Bright Red contest!

I adore a statement color coat because it is basically your whole outfit until you take it off, which means you can effectively wear a bright red/cobalt/neon yellow outfit for a little while every day. Then, when it's hanging on the back of the chair in your cube from 9 to 5, it's a little bit of crazy fun in an otherwise neutral (read: the opposite of crazy fun) environment. I also like a brightly colored belt with a neutral outfit for similar reasons. I probably wouldn't wear a full-on bright red dress to work, but a red coat and a red belt? Tres chic and professional. Plus bright red with barely-there pink is spicy sweet.

Red Coat

 I'm totally gonna win, right?

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