Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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Hello, internet, and welcome to Polyvoring! Here, I'm going to show you outfits I've created on, which is just about the funnest free thing to do online. You know, in my opinion. Sometimes the outfits will be practical and replicable with stuff us regular folks have in our closet, and sometimes they'll be friggin ridiculous (like my Because it's my Birthday outfit), but they'll all be stuff I'd totally wear if I could afford it, had a rockin' body, and lived in Manhattan.

I don't discriminate by price, so you might see a $3K gown with $20 shoes (this dress kicks ass), and the like. I kind of have a soft spot for mixing the simple with the rock 'n roll, so you might see skull-and-crossbone earrings with otherwise lovely office attire (like this). I'm just enjoying the super funness of dreaming up outfit ideas based on what's out there, what's in style (or should be!), and most importantly, what I think is wicked awesome (shout out to my NH roots, yo). Sometimes the outfits are sweet and I can't stop looking at them (hello, cargo pants), sometimes, I'm kinda like "meh" when it's all said and done (I had such high hopes for you floral skirt), but that's kind of how getting dressed in the morning can go, no?

See outfits I've already done, and might revisit at I also pin most of my outfits, and other outfits I dig on Pinterest.

With that said, here's today's creation:

Yellow and red are cool, right? Whatcha think?

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