Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blue skirt

I don't always have great success wearing flowy A-lines like this one (dubbed "Skater" style in current fashion lingo) because they can kind of be seriously hip enhancing. But it doesn't mean I can't look at it and think about how cute it would be if I had smaller hips, and a backside that wouldn't make the back of the skirt go up three inches. Amiright? A cozy white sweater and boots bring this little skirt into cool-weather territory. Tights and a wool coat could take it to cold weather attire, and a fur cap with four additional pairs of socks and ski mittens would make it wearable this winter.

Blue skirt

So are you wearing these super-cool skater skirts? How do you feel about the so-last-year fringed bags? What about the fancy-schmancy white headphones?

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