Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sequins and Denim

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Today, I absolutely fell in love with Jessica Abbott's Sequin Maxi Skirt outfit at The Sewing Rabbit. Mixing glam and casual makes sense to me, because it brings some hollywood-esque sparkle to daily life. Jessica's inspiration was a tutorial on making and styling a sequins maxi over at Mimi G Style (does that girl dress spicy hot, or what?). So here is my take on mixing casual weekend gear with some serious sparkle. I chose sandals because when I wear a maxi I feel like I should be barefoot. Maxis are so comfy regardless of how fancy the fabric is. And we all know how our hips do that swing-over-to-one-side thing in a maxi (both of these hot ladies do it in their photos), which is arguably safer in flats.

Casual Sequins

So what do you think, would you wear a combo like this? What do you think of statement bracelets on both arms? Something about this outfit makes me wish I could shave my head for just one day, because no sort of ponytail is going to do it quite I the only one who feels that way?

p.s. The links to individual pieces below come directly from Polyvore when I import the images, so blame them for any odd text.

p.p.s. Again like I mentioned in my first post, I don't discriminate by price or brand (usually), so embrace the vision rather than the practicality of actually purchasing exact pieces. I fully appreciate that the jacket is more than $600 which is lunacy, but it looks cool, so there you go.


  1. first time to your blog! i liked all looks so far!

    1. My very first comment, hooray! Thanks, Georgia, glad you like what you see. Hope to see you here again soon :)