Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Plaid pants

Ah, printed pants. The desire and downfall of wide hips and generous thighs worldwide. Many years ago, I was more courageous with printed pants (including a horribly unflattering pair of snakeskin jeans), but now I generally steer clear. But that's just silly. If they fit properly, and are a good cut, they'll work just fine. The flat front and straight leg below with that sweet little peplum top and waist-slimming blazer are completely doable for those of us with generous curves. I think the dark color helps, too.

How brave are you on the bottom half? Is the tan bag with the tan jacket just too much together? Please note that I did not resist the temptation to include an anchor (and ships wheel) today like I did yesterday. But it's cute, right?

Plaid pants

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