Friday, February 14, 2014

Casual Friday: Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! To anyone who loves someone or who is loved by someone, this day is for you.

In an effort to show the love, but skip the pink/red/lace/roses thing, I went with cool and casual. Gentle accessories, gentle colors, comfortable shapes. A tiny little heart ring, a single heart to warm your coffee. And tell me the color and shape of this chambray shirt isn't perfect. See how the tuck pleating makes the fabric go from straight to on the bias toward the bottom? Lovely. I originally started with some brighter colored accessories, but I decided I didn't want anything to overshadow that shirt.

Casual Friday: Valentine's Day

Do you think it's sacrilege to skip the V-day colors? What have you done with your Chambray? Is it at all feasible to change one's nail color on a daily basis?

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