Sunday, February 9, 2014

White Cashmere Dress

I really like white clothing, especially in winter. It isn't always the most flattering or practical, but I often gravitate toward white items on the rack. This luxurious cashmere dress looks warm, sexy, and like something no one else would be wearing at cocktail hour. I went a bit more intentionally luxe with some of the accessories than usual (Givenchy shoes, Cartier necklace, Tiffany earrings, Chanel bag, Hermes scarf, a crazy-expensive-designer-I've-never-heard-of jacket) because the dress just felt so rich, like it deserved some true luxury. Of course, you could definitely pull off a similar look with some earrings from Claire's and a scarf from Target, but when you're just shopping, the real thing can feel so nice.

White Cashmere Dress

How do you feel about white in winter, or ever for that matter? What about the luxury designers and brands? I dream of wearing the same lovely Hermes scarf and carrying a classic Chanel bag every day when I'm an elegant old lady.

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